Saturday, December 6, 2014

that hat °o°

Top - Converse One Star / Leggings - Forever 21 / Hat - DIY / Shoes (not pictured) - Charlotte Russe

I came across an awesome shop online that makes Disney related clothes and jewelry called Whosits & Whatsits. There are a couple of Baymax hats that are TOO CUTE!... have I mentioned how much I LOVED the movie Big Hero 6? Anyway, they have a cool studded Mickey Mouse beanie, which reminded me that I have had a Mickey Mouse DIY link sitting somewhere on my computer for months now. So I finally got myself the one supply I needed and a new hat was born. I got SO many compliments on this hat today :) A few on the outfit too. A black leather jacket over this looked good.

Something not so good was when I noticed one foot beginning to feel like it was wet. It was raining and I thought maybe I splashed myself with a little bit of water, but no, there is a huge crack in one sole of the shoe. I'm going to spray it with black Flex Seal and see how that goes, HA!

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