Saturday, December 13, 2014

fabulous faux fur

Coat - Forever 21 / Dress - H&M / Shoes - eBay / Necklace - Forever 21 / Hat - eBay thrifted

First off, Happy Birthday to my girl, Taylor Swift!
Well I just loved, loved, LOVED this look! It was a little alternative to an outfit I put together in my head a long time ago, but I think I liked this way better with THE COAT! I really wanted a new coat since my current one is a few years old. I would retire the current one to work, and I wanted something kinda fun for the weekend. I was leaning towards faux fur because it is just so fabulous. Mom and I went to look for something in F21 on black Friday. I found a gorgeous white one, but it just looked weird on me. I think the collarless look on fur isn't a good one, but that's just my opinion. Then, we spotted this mauve one. I liked the way this one looked on me more, but I wasn't 100% on it. But I bought it anyway. I asked a couple of friends what they thought, because I don't need to absolutely love something for me to wear it. My friends loved it, so I kept it, and now I'm in love with it.

(P.S. please ignore that huge run in my tights)

Hope you guys aren't going to get sick of photos by my tree. Since I have this indoor shooting option with the new equipment, this is going to be a regular thing now. But how I miss lovely tree bokeh backgrounds...

Speaking of trees, here is my mom's

And my new buddy

I also re-did my room. And got a fisheye lens :3

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