Saturday, November 22, 2014

faux fur, faux fur

Top - eBay / Vest - Costco / Pants - Forever 21

All week long, I thought to myself "I wanna wear my faux fur. I wanna wear my faux fur. I want to wear my faux fur" So that's what I did. Definitely my favorite part of the cold weather.

There was this lipstick I fell in love with from Sephora. I wasn't too willing to spend $21 on lipstick. Plus, every time I was going to YOLO and buy it, it was out of stock. I found a very similar shade in Kohl's, featured in these photos. It's more matte, but it's several dollars cheaper and it's in an easier form for me to apply (because I am challenged at makeup application. Oh whale.)

Side bar - hope we  like the white background for photos. Now that I have the new lens and camera, if I really don't feel like suffering in the cold...this will happen more often.

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