Saturday, November 1, 2014

"'cause we never go out of style"

Top - eBay / Skirt - MileyMax / Boots - eBay / Purse - Mossimo

I was feeling a bit Taylor Swift-ish again today. 

Which reminds me, the goal for the day was buy Derek Jeter's new book and to go to Target to buy the deluxe version of her new album, 1989. Ok, so I grabbed that and then I found a ton of Frozen stuff featuring the 2D animated version of Anna and Elsa that I JUST LOVE! *heart eyes* I settled for the 2015 calendar. And then I spotted a pink leopard printed sports bra, and since Target's C9 brand makes up all my running attire...well I needed it. And then, I saw a gorgeous pair of brown boots that fold down to reveal fur. I needed. I shouldn't have, but I really needed them, ha! Oh oh oh, and then I found a best friends necklace set featuring...Anna and Elsa. Well I just absolutely needed that too! Duh.
In another store, I found the Frozen comforter (which I've been ogling every time I see it) for only $ I bought that by accident too. And last purchase of the day, some new bras, #tmi But comparing how I feel in them compared to the others, it was time. Anyways....

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