Thursday, November 27, 2014

[Extra Thanks]giving 2014

Dress -Charlotte Russe / Jacket - Macy's / Shoes - eBay

Happy Thanksgiving!
This year I am most thankful for a few very special people in my life, the people I call my best friends.

So I caught a cold. A pretty bad one. I felt so crappy this morning, that I did not bake or run. Oh my.
I did have a creation in mind for dessert that would blend 2 recipes and a little bit of my knowledge. I must get around to that this weekend hopefully.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

faux fur, faux fur

Top - eBay / Vest - Costco / Pants - Forever 21

All week long, I thought to myself "I wanna wear my faux fur. I wanna wear my faux fur. I want to wear my faux fur" So that's what I did. Definitely my favorite part of the cold weather.

There was this lipstick I fell in love with from Sephora. I wasn't too willing to spend $21 on lipstick. Plus, every time I was going to YOLO and buy it, it was out of stock. I found a very similar shade in Kohl's, featured in these photos. It's more matte, but it's several dollars cheaper and it's in an easier form for me to apply (because I am challenged at makeup application. Oh whale.)

Side bar - hope we  like the white background for photos. Now that I have the new lens and camera, if I really don't feel like suffering in the cold...this will happen more often.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

OOTD 11.15.14

Top - Forever 21 / Skirt - Charlotte Russe / Jacket - Macy's / Shoes - Payless / Purse - Mossimo

I picked up another Christmas gift while I was out today. I was also on the hunt for snowflake earrings. I know all those cute holiday themed earrings, necklaces and bracelets show up this time of the ear so I knew I would find something inexpensive. Even though my dress for Christmas Eve is a dark red, I'm going for the snow queen look ;P  Speaking of, I found more Frozen jewelery on sale, and another really pretty Elsa snowflake I may have 2 now.

I'm itching so bad for Black Friday so I can finish ordering gifts online. I'm quite close to being finished, but I need those free shipping offers and whatnot for a last couple of items. I forgot what a good little eBayer and coupon finder I am :]

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Work Wear on the Weekend

Jacket - MileyMax / Top - Charlotte Russe / Pants - H&M / Shoes - Soda Shoes / Purse - Macy's / Necklace - Charming Charlie's

With the exception of a good blazer, I have never worn my work wear outside of the office on a weekend like this. But I had an idea and my head and I went with it. Also, these are the closet things I have to high waisted pants. Something I do need. Anyway, I had initially planned to wear a (matching?) black blazer with this, but I put it on and something seemed off. So I opted for a leather jacket for some more 'tude.
It has been a while since I've worn these booties, and anything with a significant heel for that matter, and my feet were hurting once I hit mid afternoon. :o

I must say, it felt weird wearing almost entirely black outfits to begin with, but two weeks in a row?! Black is good and all, but I feel (bright) colors always reflect me and my personality more ;P

Saturday, November 1, 2014

"'cause we never go out of style"

Top - eBay / Skirt - MileyMax / Boots - eBay / Purse - Mossimo

I was feeling a bit Taylor Swift-ish again today. 

Which reminds me, the goal for the day was buy Derek Jeter's new book and to go to Target to buy the deluxe version of her new album, 1989. Ok, so I grabbed that and then I found a ton of Frozen stuff featuring the 2D animated version of Anna and Elsa that I JUST LOVE! *heart eyes* I settled for the 2015 calendar. And then I spotted a pink leopard printed sports bra, and since Target's C9 brand makes up all my running attire...well I needed it. And then, I saw a gorgeous pair of brown boots that fold down to reveal fur. I needed. I shouldn't have, but I really needed them, ha! Oh oh oh, and then I found a best friends necklace set featuring...Anna and Elsa. Well I just absolutely needed that too! Duh.
In another store, I found the Frozen comforter (which I've been ogling every time I see it) for only $ I bought that by accident too. And last purchase of the day, some new bras, #tmi But comparing how I feel in them compared to the others, it was time. Anyways....