Saturday, October 4, 2014

garter tights

Top - Charlotte Russe / Shorts - Forever 21 / Tights - eBay / Shoes - eBay

I love when I pull an outfit in my head randomly, and when I try it on in real life, it's cute! I absolutely love these tights. I was so excited when I found them on eBay. I like having leggings and/or tights with something that make them a little more interesting. 
It was raining today and normally that means no photos aka no blog post. Yet another perk of my new camera and lens! I set up in the garage (forgot about something as a backdrop, but that's ok, I like the cinder block look) and stuck on my accessory flash and I was in business! Considering this was my first time shooting for the blog in this location...I really liked it. Much room to improve though.

Besides the was pretty uneventful. But this was my first weekend with no plans in over a month. Picked up some stuff I was low on at the store and came home and edited photos from Disney. A quiet Saturday is probably just what I need because I have quite the weekend ahead of me... #runlife

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