Sunday, September 7, 2014

Derek Jeter Day

 A 2 part post!

September 6, 2014

Top - Victoria's Secret Pink / Shorts - Forever 21 / Shoes - Dr. Marten's / Headband - Forever 21

In honor of seeing Derek Jeter with my best friend tomorrow...well I had to wear something Yankees today! And the top was a gift from my best friend so therefore today's outfit is perfect. Ok.

This is my first post with photos shot with MY NEW CAMERA AND LENS! UNF

Pretty uneventful day. Finished up packing because I leave for Disney in ONE WEEK!!!!

Mom and I had some lunch, bought a birthday gift for AJ and then watched the Making of Frozen special that was on ABC this past week. I may or may have not cried from feels. And with that, suddenly I was inspired to really get my butt working on altering my Halloween costume....

September 7, 2014
Derek Jeter Day

Sometimes it is remarkable how fates works.

I purchased these tickets the day Derek Jeter announced his retirement in February this year. I picked a random Sunday home game, knowing that Sunday is usually the easiest day for Esther to take off.
Mid June, the date for the Putnam County Fall Classic was announced, and this year's would fall on the same day as the day I had tickets to the game for. Less than a month after that (when I was having a rough day) they announced that September 7th would be Derek Jeter Day at the Stadium and they would have a special pregame ceremony.

I had to double check the date on my tickets because I didn't believe it.

I just could not believe that a day that I picked at random turned out to be such an important day. A day honoring my hero...and I would get to experience with my best friend by my side.

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