Saturday, August 23, 2014

Shake it off

Top - Forever 21 / Bra - Forever 21 & DIY / Shirt - eBay / Shoes - eBay / Purse - Mosimo

For today's outfit inspiration, I was channeling my inner T. Swift. I felt like all I was missing was a cat on my shirt and her cut new haircut. I knew I was going to be Taylor inspired when I pulled an outfit today because she hosted a webcast this past Monday. She announced her new album, the first documented pop album, which is being released October 27 and she debuted her new single and music video for it. I love it all.
I know, lyrically, the song isn't anything amazing, but it is upbeat and super fun and an easy little message to take home. I had a rough week, so it was nice to have this new song to listen to and help me feel better and to remember to shake it off! And the's ridiculous and fun and satirical and I just am obsessed with it. Taylor Swift always was, and always will be my spirit animal.

So while I was out today, I was lucky enough to catch the end of Joe Torre's speech on Joe Torre Day at Yankee Stadium. I saw the closet thing to Derek Jeter crying...and I am just not ready for this. I am not emotionally ready for his retirement.

I came across a dilemma regarding Best Buy and their credit card financing options, so this presents a problem with the purchase of my new camera and lenses NEXT WEEK but I believe I have solved it. So the countdown to that resumed!

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