Saturday, July 12, 2014

leopard romp

Hat - Thrifted / Romper - / Shoes - Candie's / Necklace - Charlotte Russe / Bracelet - Burlington Coat Factory / Purse - Mossimo

Yet another piece article of clothing that has been sitting in my closet for about a year. I am just so good guys omg. 

But I just LOVED this look. 
Love love love. I really liked the cut/fit/feel/look of these types of shorts too while we're at it.
I love rompers. Love them. I want to get at least one "play-suit" aka pant romper. My only thing is, they should really always be paired with some type of shoe of the heel variety so the whole look isn't too immature looking. And as much as I love a good pair of heels, I only wear them on very few occasions. I care about the form and function of my foot...ESPECIALLY being a runner I care about the form and function of my foot. I also like to be able to take off at the drop of a if I spotted Derek Jeter out and about one day...ya know!?

And let me tell ya, I wasn't even on my feet for that long today...and I was DYING on my run. 
Now, I don't know if my shoe choice today had anything to really do with that when I've been battling a calf issue almost all summer...but the rest of my legs didn't feel any better. It was bad...but that's a whole other story.

On a positive note from today, mom and I went out to lunch at the Mexican place in town (which I have not been to in 6 years) and it was muy delicioso!! I stuffed myself with some bomb@ss guacamole! NOMZ!

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