Saturday, May 31, 2014

beach vibing

Hat - Burlington Coat Factory / Dress - Material Girl / Necklace - Macy's / Bracelet - Charlotte Russe / Shoes - eBay

Please forgive me, my usual ramblings will probably be missing for a few posts (because I just have so many readers who care) because I'm playing catch up with my posts.

This is the first (And currently only) maxi dress I own and that needs to be changed because I love it and wearing it. It is an effortless but put together look. Adding in this floppy hat I have yet to wear totally gives off a cool and casual beach vibe, hence the post title. I think I'm going to wear this dress to work on Monday (with a tank under it for obvious reasons) because it is fun to wear.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Baby, love never felt so good"

Vest - H&M / Crop top - Forever 21 / Skirt - Charlotte Russe / Shoes - Converse

Hello Hello!
It's been a very long time since I wore anything like this, and let me say I've never felt so confident being out and about showing so much skin. I just had so much fun wearing this! I need to get back into really styling myself and my outfits. My love of fashion has taken a back seat to all my other loves and interests. Which is totally fine! I am incredibly happy doing what I do. I'm working on finding a balance between things and I can work my blogging into the mix now.

For those of you who don't know, Michael Jackson's second posthumous album was released this past week. Being the good little MJ fan that I am (and through the power of the internet) I had the regular version of the album downloaded. Not to mention I already had 5.5 of the songs in demo version. I purchased the deluxe album because that's what I do and I am SO in love with this album! I personally think the producers did a really good job mixing the songs. Even the original records are so fun to listen to! I forgot how amazing it feels to have new MJ music in my life! That's where today's blog title came from for a couple of reasons.

In the kitchen this weekend: another weekend with a sweet and savory recipe. 
For the sweet, I made a funfetti sugar cookie cake (which is appropriate for my twin's birthday and our web-chat date this week). I loved the cookie cake.

For the savory, it was baked BBQ chicken strips.
As I was standing at my counter, breading all this chicken, making a huge mess per the usual...I thought to myself "I still hate this sh*t!!"
The 'this' being cooking. 
And there's another chapter in Megan's cooking adventure.