Sunday, March 16, 2014

OOTD 3.15.14

Jacket - Forever 21 / Shirt - Mystique Boutique / Leggings - MileyMax / Shoes - Soda Shoes / Purse - H&M

Truth be told, I did surprise myself that I actually managed to do 2 Saturday posts in a row, HA!

So I noticed while I was shooting and editing...I can no longer do the 'bitch face' when I'm wearing something that gives off a tougher look. I like smiling in photos because I am a very happy person! I realize for all intents and purposes of a style blog, a smile may not always harmonize together with the outfit so perhaps that's something I'll try to work on. I haven't exactly modelled for myself in quite some time and I am in the need of a photo project so there's something for me to think about.

So we bought a desk top computer this weekend.
Cue my dying from excitement.
1TB of hard drives and 8GB RAM. With a 23" LED TOUCH SCREEN MONITOR!!!

Such a major upgrade from a 16" laptop screen.
So I spent Saturday night (after a run and workout sesh and baking) setting up the new work station and playing around with stuff. I calibrated the screen colors, but I still need to tweak them a tad more.
I uploaded these pictures to edit and PHOTOS LOOK SO GOOD! Before the computer even was a thought on the day, I decided I really like the f/2.8 for an aperture setting for blog posts. I seemed to have found a sweet spot of distance away from the camera too. So just those 2 items plus a glorious new monitor to work on....everything just looked so professional.

Happy photographer right here! Disney June editing will be SO MUCH FUN!

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