Saturday, March 29, 2014

OOTD 3.29.14

Jacket - Forever 21 / Tank - Forever 21 / Skirt - Kohl's / Shoes - Pink Dutchess / Purse - eBay

Rain was in the forecast for today so I didn't feel like wearing anything over the top.
I really wanted to go to Target to spend my birthday money and gift card but that didn't happen.

We went out for lunch and I was having an internal dialogue about how I want to step out of my comfort zone and try new foods because I am quite boring. I started this by ordering mac and cheese balls. 

Ok, so this may not be so much out of my comfort zone when I love mac and cheese as it is. Normally when something is already not quite in the healthy category to begin with, i tend to stay away from a fried version. But they were SO GOOD! I found a recipe and the mac and cheese portion is pretty much the recipe I've been using. But that frying part...we'll save that for another day.

I ran (in the rain) once we got home. I wore a Yankee hat to keep the water out of my eyes. I don't mind running with a hat.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Blazer - Material Girl / Dress - Charlotte Russe / Shoes - Payless

It's my birthday!
I got up earlier than usual to do my hair and get ready to go shoot these photos. 
Boy was it COLD today! And windy! So cold, I was actually happy about the fact that I wasn't running today. 

I received some absolutely lovely gifts from my twin (which may or may not have arrived a month early)!

Including the birthday button that I was ecstatic to receive, and this Stitch outfit for my Duffy!

Stitch Duffy took a ride to work today because I just turned 24 and everything.

The office birthday party was fun! Even though I was having major issues last night baking my birthday cake, it still tasted fantastic and really...that's all that matters. All my co-workers got a kick out of the cake baking story so at least some people found it entertaining. One of my co-workers brought me some gorgeous flowers, which was so so sweet of her!

After work, I got to spend some time with a couple of my favorite people.
I had a great time and a ton of laughs. The night was exactly what I needed. 

It was exactly how I wanted to spend my birthday and it turned out to be perfect. 

The 2014 TCS NYC Marathon drawing was taking place today, and unfortunately I did not get selected to run in this year's race. :( But that won't stop me from working my butt off this spring/summer training to get to where I want to be for 26.2 miles. Now to just find a full for the fall...

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mickey cupcakes & Mickey balloons

Sweater - Forever 21 / Jeans - Forever 21 / Purse - Disney Dooney & Bourke / Shoes - Converse

Welp, nothing special here tbh.

I suppose it's my Birthday weekend. Which weekend is it when your birthday falls on a Wednesday anyway? Or do you get 2?

Representing my Disney side with birthday Mickey things; cupcakes and balloons.

Mom bought me a printer as a birthday gift so my new editing work station is now complete.
I bought myself a cute dress/tunic I found in Target. It has pockets and d̶o̶u̶b̶l̶e̶s̶  triples as a dress, a tunic, and an Elsa Disneybound. We also picked up Frozen.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

OOTD 3.15.14

Jacket - Forever 21 / Shirt - Mystique Boutique / Leggings - MileyMax / Shoes - Soda Shoes / Purse - H&M

Truth be told, I did surprise myself that I actually managed to do 2 Saturday posts in a row, HA!

So I noticed while I was shooting and editing...I can no longer do the 'bitch face' when I'm wearing something that gives off a tougher look. I like smiling in photos because I am a very happy person! I realize for all intents and purposes of a style blog, a smile may not always harmonize together with the outfit so perhaps that's something I'll try to work on. I haven't exactly modelled for myself in quite some time and I am in the need of a photo project so there's something for me to think about.

So we bought a desk top computer this weekend.
Cue my dying from excitement.
1TB of hard drives and 8GB RAM. With a 23" LED TOUCH SCREEN MONITOR!!!

Such a major upgrade from a 16" laptop screen.
So I spent Saturday night (after a run and workout sesh and baking) setting up the new work station and playing around with stuff. I calibrated the screen colors, but I still need to tweak them a tad more.
I uploaded these pictures to edit and PHOTOS LOOK SO GOOD! Before the computer even was a thought on the day, I decided I really like the f/2.8 for an aperture setting for blog posts. I seemed to have found a sweet spot of distance away from the camera too. So just those 2 items plus a glorious new monitor to work on....everything just looked so professional.

Happy photographer right here! Disney June editing will be SO MUCH FUN!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

I'm back! (for real this time)

Top - eBay / Necklace - Forever 21 / Skirt - eBay / Shoes - eBay

I'm back! And for real this time. I had a post with like 3 outfit pictures sitting in my drafts for a week, but I gave up on that one. This one is better anyway! 

I also shot this post from my new tripod that I am absolutely in love with. I fell in love with it when I was visiting my future camera and looking at tripods in Best Buy. I found it's sale price on Amazon plus free shipping so it was a very early birthday gift to myself. I was well over due for a GOOD tripod. Looking through the view finder and seeing the frame is even in a nice feeling.

Today was a beautiful change in weather from the teens and twenties we've been experiencing. It felt nice to get outside and shoot something for this damn blog. I also got out and ran in a long sleeve top and SHORTS! And my speed is back; I'm not a slow poke any more!

What else have I been up to?

- I got a new phone

And 3 pretty cases for it. Done.

My life in a phone case nut shell.

- Finalizing plans for the next Disney trip which is taking place in June for my twin's belated birthday!

- Trying to run in the frigid cold, which isn't/wasn't going as well as it was last winter

- Finally straightened up my room that was a mess since I came back from Disney. Which included hanging up my beloved runDisney medals. My babies!

- Finished editing all my photos from my trip. Only took about 3 weeks.
Once I was done, I made an adorable photo book on Shutterfly and ordered a ton of prints and put my photo album together

- I received the first thing I ever ever EVER pre-ordered in my life

From my favorite blog.

- Baking here and there. I made these delicious cookies from the above blog as soon as she published the recipe. Happy cookies for a happy life!

It's day lights savings time tomorrow, which means I'm back to TRAINING! And I can not wait!!
Since my running life will soon return to normalcy, I'm shifting the other parts of my extra-curricular life in that direction too; I was so focused on editing post Disney that my baking and blogging suffered. I feel like my hobbies are in a better place now.

I'm sorry I was away for so long!