Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Green Velvet [Christmas Eve 2013]

Dress - Forever 21 / Tights - Forever 21 / Shoes - eBay / Necklace - Charlotte Russe

First off, I want to wish my best friend and most faithful reader Esther a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

And Merry Christmas Eve to all my other readers! We worked until noon and then shut down the office for a Christmas Eve luncheon and Secret Santa exchange. It was really fun; we listened to Christmas music, opened Christmas cards, ate some really good food and opened gifts. I'm still trying to figure out who my Secret Santa was. I got a leopard print scarf and an adorable leopard print faux fur hat; well done Santa.

After work, mom and I headed down to Aunt Gail's.

Christmas Eve

Ummm unfortunately I did not get my annual picture with Kristen and AJ  So I'm going to do something I do not like doing, but I'm going to borrow 2 from Kristen's phone.

Photo courtesy of Kristen 
Photo courtesy of Kristen
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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