Saturday, November 23, 2013

mom thrifting

Sweater - Charlotte Russe / Tank - Forever 21 / Necklace - Charlotte Russe / 
Jeans - Forever 21 / Shoes - Charlotte Russe / Purse - Sears 

First off. I didn't feel like changing my camera lens from the kit lens to my 50mm for the blog photos today. I went outside and set up and took a few trial shots. It was like I completely forgot how to so blog shots with my old lens. Derp. I had to run upstairs and change lenses and re do them all. So I apologize, these are rushed. Anyway...

My mom finally went through most of her dresser drawers and got rid of some old clothes (which makes room for new ones ;P) and I snagged up a few pieces. Mom closet thrifting is my favorite. One piece she gave me is this bright pink sweater she got for probably $5 at CR. It might be a weird crop of a sweater but the color is so pretty and there are some strands of silver in it.

Speaking of mom and clearance racks, this purse was reduced from I don't know how much to $7.99. Add into that equation those Sears member rewards, it only cost her $1.54. We both liked it (plus what's not to like about dollar purses) but she ended up giving it to me. A Hanukkah gift I believe? Speaking of Hanukkah, my cousins and I will be running in NYCRuns first annual Running Festival of Lights tomorrow in Brooklyn. We will be freezing our butts off with 30 degree temperatures nad 25+ MPH winds. I will report back to you on that one this week. Oy vey.

Side bar: I also found something super awesome in Sephora today. Spray in (wash out) hair color! I tested out the pink and blue. They have like a mint and a lavender too. I will definitely be buying some!

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