Thursday, November 28, 2013


Dress - Charolette Russe / Tights - Hue / Necklace - Charolette Russe / Shoes - Charollete Russe

I realized on the way to my aunt's that I was wearing all Charlotte Russe, but that didn't last. I was wearing Converse on the way down because I had AJ's Christmas card photo shoot upon arrival; heels are not the appropriate shoe when chasing around a 14 month old with a camera. I ended up leaving the Converse on the entire time. No regrets. It is also killing me that I can't share some of my pictures of AJ, I have to wait until 'he' sends out his cards.


Since my cousins LOVED my cannoli filled cupcakes so much last Thanksgiving, I decided to make them again.

But this time....I made home made cannoli cream!!!

Thanksgiving was really fun. I got a lot of good Christmas shots of AJ that I can't wait to share! Like always, it is always fun hanging with the family.

This year's Thanksgiving means a lot to me. I am always thankful and grateful for what I have, but this year has been an amazing one. And I am so thankful for my life.

And this little guy gave me THE BIGGEST HUG when they were getting ready to leave. My heart melted.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgivukah!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

2013 Running Festival of Lights

The Frozen Tundra.
Oy Vey.

Words to describe this race and this day. Also included are cold, colder than cold, coldest cold I've ever had the displeasure of experiencing. 

Back in September, right after the Yonkers Half Marathon and Marathon, Kristen decided she wanted to do one more race before Disney. I'm always down to run. She asked me to look and the only half marathon distance race near us in Novemeber was NYCRuns first running of the Running Festival of Lights; a Hanukkah themed race in Brooklyn. It took some convincing to get Craig to join, but eventually the 3 of us signed up and were ready to go and looking forward to it.

That was until race week. When we checked the weather we saw things like 25 degree temperatures and 28 mile per hour winds. Factor into this that the course ran along the Hudson River. Oy vey quickly became the phrase of the day.

Ready to go...

We got a little lost on the way. When we stopped to ask for diractions and use the bathroom, Craig and Kristen got back in the car and said "Oh my God, it is so cold. It is SO. COLD"

After we got our baring, we made a decision to tell the moms and AJ not to come. They were originally hanging back for a while and were going to come and see us cross the finish line closer to our anticipated finish times. But the weather was so crazy we decided to tell them not to come. It was not worth it to travel that far, probably get lost and then be miserable in the cold.

We got to the start line at around 10:10. The race started at 10:30. I am so grateful we arrived when we did because even those 15/20 minutes standing around waiting for the start of the race was enough to even have me considering bailing on this thing. But then I saw a lot of runners from the 10K with medals (which we originally were not suppose to be getting) so that was enough to make me stay. 

We huddled for a little while and I gave a nice little pep talked:

"Today is not about time, it's about finishing. And if you finish you become a stronger runner and a better person. Shalom!"

Evenutally they called us over to the start and were trying to pump us up or something....
There was a warning about watching out for ice on the course because there was some water on the path. And at that moment we looked down at the course and see water from the waves hitting the wall go across the path. Kristen and I looked at each other and yelled "UN-F*CKING-BELIEVABLE"

The race started, and immediately I felt better. Once I got moving my body temperature was perfect.

The course looped a few times. It was down half way, and back, then down all the way and back. There were no mile markers...............

Going down was fine. The wind would help push you along for a little bit, which was nice. But once you hit that turn around...oy vey. That was the toughest wind I've ever ran in. There would be times when I was running, but was going probably 1 mile per hour.

I managed to get a few pictures with my point and shoot while running.

With all those weather factors against me, I managed to finish just under 2 hours. 1:59:50 to be exact.

They handed you a medal and wrapped a space blanket around you once you finished. The space blanket few up and over my head. I went over to the food table, shoved a bagel in my mouth, got some water, grabbed some Hanukkah gelt, dropped 2 of them, ate 1 and apparently dropped another one that I thought made it into my pocket. I got a little hot chocolate which was really good.

I was going to wait for my cousins to finish but it was too cold. Craig said our rendezvous spot would be the car since I had the key and they knew I would finish first. I got to the car, got in and cried for a good 5 minutes because my hands were so cold that they hurt THAT much.

At least I have a medal to show for it. And a really adorable shirt.

All in all...Craig cut our racing off in the month of October. We will most likely never sign up for a race in the city again (except if we are lucky enough to get into the NYC Marathon). Oy.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

mom thrifting

Sweater - Charlotte Russe / Tank - Forever 21 / Necklace - Charlotte Russe / 
Jeans - Forever 21 / Shoes - Charlotte Russe / Purse - Sears 

First off. I didn't feel like changing my camera lens from the kit lens to my 50mm for the blog photos today. I went outside and set up and took a few trial shots. It was like I completely forgot how to so blog shots with my old lens. Derp. I had to run upstairs and change lenses and re do them all. So I apologize, these are rushed. Anyway...

My mom finally went through most of her dresser drawers and got rid of some old clothes (which makes room for new ones ;P) and I snagged up a few pieces. Mom closet thrifting is my favorite. One piece she gave me is this bright pink sweater she got for probably $5 at CR. It might be a weird crop of a sweater but the color is so pretty and there are some strands of silver in it.

Speaking of mom and clearance racks, this purse was reduced from I don't know how much to $7.99. Add into that equation those Sears member rewards, it only cost her $1.54. We both liked it (plus what's not to like about dollar purses) but she ended up giving it to me. A Hanukkah gift I believe? Speaking of Hanukkah, my cousins and I will be running in NYCRuns first annual Running Festival of Lights tomorrow in Brooklyn. We will be freezing our butts off with 30 degree temperatures nad 25+ MPH winds. I will report back to you on that one this week. Oy vey.

Side bar: I also found something super awesome in Sephora today. Spray in (wash out) hair color! I tested out the pink and blue. They have like a mint and a lavender too. I will definitely be buying some!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ridge Hill Christmas tree lighting

Vest - Forever 21 / Top - Derek Heart / Scarf - Burlington Coat Factory / Jeans - Forever 21 / Shoes - Dr. Marten's

Today we headed down to see my cousin and AJ. We grabbed some lunch and then went over to The Shops at Ridge Hill for their Christmas tree lighting. We did some browsing for a couple of hours while we waited for the festivities to begin. Anything AJ is involved, I bring a lot of my camera equipment with me. I packed up one of my bigger purses with my camera, a compact tripod, some lenses, and my usual stuff. It was such a pain to have that on my shoulder all day. I decided that from now on I'll just bring my entire camera backpack when I'm going to visit AJ and just leave what I don't need at my aunt or cousins house.

Aunt Megan approves of this binky.

I always love seeing Christmas lights and decorations.

I got a couple of Crumbs cupcakes since I decided that I wasn't going to bake this weekend since I have a crazy baking schedule next week. One cupcake is with Nutella!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

pink shoes

Jacket - eBay / Pants - Candie's / Hat - eBay / Shoes - eBay

I keep telling myself that if I wake up fairly early on any Saturday or Sunday I'll go for a run. I woke up around 7 on Saturday. Do you think I ran? Of course not. It was cold out, so a run on a Saturday morning is not very tempting when you have the option to lay in bed for another 2 hours... #productive

Eventually I did get out of bed, got dressed, and shot this post. We were browsing in T.J. Maxx, I wandered over to the shoes. Normally I don't have the greatest luck in general because of my shoe size, but they had a pretty good selection of Converse. On the top of the shelf I spotted a pair of pink ones, and lo and behold they were my size! They were $20 which was exactly how much I wanted to spend. How did they know I was looking for a pair of pink Converse for Disney?! Hahaha

I made some blondies Saturday night. I am working hard at improving my food styling for photographs. I really like the way these turned out.

Since I did not run Saturday morning, and I did not get home in time for a Saturday afternoon run, I decided I would do a two-a-day Sunday. With a race coming up at the end of the month, and my runDisney races in less than 2 months, AND a not so great November, I needed a kick in the butt. I woke up fairly early Sunday, shot the blondies, checked-in to our 3 bedroom Grand Villa at Disney's Old Key West online (!!!), and then headed out for 10 miles. I came home, changed, went grocery shopping, had an incident at the car wash... and did another 7 miles later on in the afternoon. A total of 17.35 on the day. And goodnight!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Even if it's cold, I'd rather be running

Jacket - Forever 21 / Top - eBay / Leggings - Forever 21 / Shoes - Forever 21 / Purse - Steve Madden / Scarf - Destination A

Today definitely felt like fall. So there's that and the fact that it's November I busted out ma boots with da fur.

After I watched the start of the 2013 ING NYC Marathon (and cried from my emotions and wishing  was running it) mom and I headed a little north to go visit one of her friends we haven't seen in quite some time. First, a stop for some breakfast. Ihop!!

My beloved Cinn-a-stack pancakes.