Saturday, September 28, 2013

spiked camo

Dress - Rainbow / Vest - H&M / Shoes - Charlotte Russe 

Hello! Sorry I missed a week on here. I spent the very last day of summer last Saturday with my best friend and my boys. And sadly I did not pass for 14 so I did not get an adorable Ty Beanie Buddy bear. :(

Back to today. I wore one of my amazing finds from a few weeks ago in Yonkers; this dress was only 10 dollars! Can't beat that! Ten dollar dresses are my favorite. I know the picture is hard to see but there are spikes on it on the top. 

I am proud to report, that I finally have my new closet! I finally took matters into my own hands and gave myself a new closet! Ah! Friday night I threw everything hanging up in my closet on my bedroom floor and started moving bins and boxes and reorganized my bedroom closet and the dens. This morning I started moving my shoes into my new closet and then my clothes. Ahh so much better. My mom still has some stuff on the bottom of the closet, but I can deal with that for the time being. I couldn't take my tiny closet any more! And I still need to put away some summer stuff and get out all my knits and other fall wardrobe items. I was definitely procrastinating because it was the biggest pain to get things out of and into my closet.

I am still learning how to shot self portraits properly with my new lens. I'm getting better. I know what I have to do, just a matter of getting the camera to do it! I have been taking what I'll call "head shoots" to practice some too. So here's something I don't do often, take pictures without sunglasses.

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