Monday, September 30, 2013

My favorite type of jewelry to accessorize with

Tunic - LEI / Leggings - eBay / Boots - eBay

No doubt about it, I needed to wear something comfortable to work today. I was having issues when I woke up because I don't have too many tunics and I wanted to wear leggings. Holy cow. I was SORE! I've experienced more soreness from running at various times in the past but at this point it's like I'm just bilt for I'm not use to being sore. I don't have much to report on the day like last time because this time I was definitely feeling those 26.2 miles. I don't regret anything though and would do it again in a heartbeat. I love me some medals, too.

I'm so happy I can finally call myself a marathoner. Now I just have to work on holding back a little speedwise when I am running a full AND that whole back to back half and full I'll be running in January.And it looks like Kristen, Craig and I will be running another half together in November in Brooklyn!

A note regarding my pictures. Getting better, right? I can't wait to have more autumn leaves in the background for amazing bokeh!

I must say it has been a pretty productive September. I got a new lens, came in 1st place in a half marathon, became a marathoner, and passed my Notary Public exam. See you in October.

xoxo ♔ Meg

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