Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend 2013

Romper - Dream Out Loud / Shoes - eBay / Necklace - Macy's / Sunglasses - Charlotte Russe

Hello! I decided that I am going to start to take this blog in a little different direction; definitely still style focused, but with a little more personal life thrown in the mix. I already plan outfits far in advanced for 'larger' events so it kinda makes sense...in my head anyway...to incorporate more of what I did in the displayed outfit. I also figured, what's the difference since no one even reads this thing (well besides my M.I.A. co-author and Esther. Hi guys!) I have already been trying to write the commentary showing a little more of my personality, because I think I'm funny. Lol.

Saturday, August 31

This last unofficial weekend of summer was...alright. The weather sucked once again. Mom and I went into the city on Saturday. I brought along and actually used my fisheye adaptor. What can I say, I can be lazy.
My inevitable stop at Crumbs resulted in the Throwback Thursday cupcake of the week: Cinnamon bun. It was amazing. 

I was in my happy place when we went into the Disney store. I just can not wait until my trip! Only 128 more days to go.

Monday, September 2

Labor Day is when I wore the outfit you see at the start of this post. I am very much into bringing as much as of my wardrobe into consecutive seasons, but I am still trying to squeeze summer outfits into this nice weather (or not so nice weather as I stated earlier). We went down to see my cousins and this little guy. He got a haircut. 

 And apparently wasn't feeling the paparazzi today.

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