Sunday, September 8, 2013

Floral Crown

Floral Crown - Forever 21 / Tank - Forever 21 / Shorts - Forever 21 / Glasses - eBay / Shoes - eBay / Purse - eBay

Notice anything different? Well you should because I shot today's post with my new lens! Let me go on the record by saying I am completely and utterly in love. IN. LOVE. I will say that "self portraits" like this were a little tricky; I'm not surprised from what I read when I was doing my research and ogling over the lens. I'll get it in time. 

I wandered into a different Forever 21 when I was out and about one day, and randomly came across a floral crown in their accessory section. Score! I have been looking ALL over for one! I checked my usual places like eBay and even Esty but they were more than what I was willing to spend, especially since so many of them had color palettes that I wasn't crazy about. Can't beat F21's for not even six dollars. 

And in the kitchen with Megan today: Milky Way cheesecake. 
My quality control testing leads me to believe I have something unbelievably tasty on my hands this always. Halloween coming means incorporating lots of candy into baked goods. As far as the lens goes with this creation, I had some winners and some losers. It's only the second day with it so I'm not that upset over not being so good right away. I feel like the second picture does not do the cross section justice! Oh well.

Summer 2013: Final Thoughts

Please enjoy this picture of my deck with f/1.8
I really wanted to include my thoughts on this summer in a post. Since I am counting this weekend as the last 'unofficial' weekend in summer, I thought this would be a good place. 

It's funny how this was my first summer in the real world, but in my mind it felt like the longest summer ever!! Even though I didn't have 2/3 months of "summer break" like back in the days of being a student, it still felt like the summer has been here since April. I think a lot of this has to do with my training. I had such an amazing spring and summer full of training; my mind and body definitely relates running everyday to summertime. It also felt absolutely amazing to NOT have to drastically change my life and daily routine once September rolled around. Especially for me, I hated having to leave home to go to school 3.5 hours away and living in a crappy dorm. While there are times I miss being a kid (and yes even elementary and high school) I am just sitting here laughing at all the kids having to go back to school. LOL @ U! 

And the highlight of my summer
Meeting and sitting in front of Bald Vinny at the Yankee game with my bestest friend, Esther.

I was a little sad knowing that with the actual season of summer ending, that means so would my training. I went through the stages of grief about that and finally accepted it. Because with the end of training, comes the start of race season. And I will see you next week.

Training Log

March: 107.41 miles
April: 135.62 miles
May: 144.77 miles
June: 126.29 miles
July: 139.75 miles
August: 119.81 miles

xoxo  Meg

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