Friday, January 18, 2013

Office Wear from H&M

 As you may be aware of, I recently (officially) graduated from college. I received some money from Christmas so I was actually responsible with my purchases. I decided to pick up some nice clothes for potential job interviews and once I get a job. Bottoms were more of a concern over tops. I know exactly the style of dress pants I wanted just from experience and from people watching. I wandering into H&M in hopes of finding something. And I did.
The pants are perfect! I..actually Fran and I... hate any pants that are a flare cut or really wide boot cut. Hence, the blog name. That's all we wear in the jeans department, skinny.
So I knew I wanted semi cropped, straight leg dress pants. And I would try on some boot cut, and see how wide the cut was. I found nice pairs of straight less pants along with a nice boot cut style too. And the blazer is really nice!
I am an eBay fean, and I don't like to pay more than I have too, but H&M is rather affordable even if it is more than I would normally spend. This blazer was $50 and all 3 pairs of pants were $35. Overall, I am very happy with my purchases.

I found a few items at Burlington Coat factory. Another pair of pants, and some dress shirts. Favorite purchase are these ballet flats.

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