Friday, March 30, 2012


Hey guys,

So I just wanted to do a little post about what I wore for my 22nd Birthday. Don't get too excited. I'm working with limited space (and limited wardrobe). I only had 2 classes and that was pretty much it for my day, so unfortunately there was no reason for anything over the top. Le sigh.

So anyway, pretty much anyone who knows me, knows that ever since Disney World, I've been obsessed with Tangled. My outfit's color scheme was Tangled inspired. A lot of purple and pink.

Pink shirt, purple sunglasses. Mickey necklace & a Birthday Princess ribbon
Purple Converse
Tangled Card FTW
I turned 22, but really, it's more like 12

And this was my view for most of the day. Well this and Tangled.

I need to read the next two books. And see the movie.

Shirt - Kohls / Jeans - Forever 21 / Shoes - Converse - Headband - Dollar General / Sunglasses - NY Sunglasses / Necklace - Disney

And while I'm here, I figured I could show off some of the things I bought to treat myself for my Birthday. I just wish I had pictures of the goodies I found when I was home for Spring break, because they are gorgeous.

Plaid Boat Shoes - Payless
Nail polish haul #1
Nail Polish haul #2
Satchel - Payless
Tangled / Rapunzel Backpack...because I'm 12
Leopard Yankee Crop Top (from my best friend) - Victoria's Secret PINK

I also have a shopping problem, and I have some goodies coming from Forever 21. It needs to be summer.

I really do apologize for lack up updates, and lack of actual outfit of the day posts. I promise we'll have plenty this summer :-*

- Meg